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Frequently Asked Questions

Michigan State University’s Misconduct Hotline is a method for employees to report known or suspected misconduct related to fiscal matters, conflicts of interest, employment, medical/HIPAA, research, safety, athletics, discrimination/harassment, privacy, retaliation or any other area of legal, policy, or ethical concern not specifically listed. Employees can choose to remain anonymous when making a report.

If your questions are not answered here, please contact the Director of Internal Audit at intaudit@msu.edu or (517) 355-5036.

Which areas of misconduct are covered by the Hotline?

To make it easier for employees to report potential misconduct, certain areas have been listed and defined in the web reporting form. Telephone call center operators also use these areas and definitions. These areas are Athletics, Conflicts of Interest, Discrimination/Harassment, Employment, Fiscal, Medical/HIPPA, Privacy, Research, Retaliation, Safety and Other. Any concern that is outside a listed area can be identified in the “Other” category.

Why does the University have the Hotline?

The purpose of the Hotline is to provide employees with a method of reporting known or suspected misconduct in case they prefer not to use regular administrative channels for such reports. While you can always report known or suspected misconduct directly to your immediate supervisor, or to the Director of Internal Audit at (517) 355-5036, the University recognizes that you may not always be comfortable doing that. For this reason, the University has made the Hotline reporting process available.

Does the Hotline replace existing reporting mechanisms?

There are several ways you can report misconduct. You can use the Hotline by calling the toll-free number or submitting an online report. You can report concerns directly to the Director of Internal Audit at (517) 355-5036. You should discuss issues whenever possible with your supervisor. In addition, you can contact the appropriate office listed in the guidance to local options for reporting misconduct.

Can I remain anonymous if reporting through the Hotline?

You may give your name or remain anonymous when you file the web reporting form and when you call the toll-free number. The agreement with the third party vendor that operates the call center and the online reporting system guarantees your anonymity if you choose that option. Web reports are filtered through the vendor and call center reports do not reveal the identity of the caller unless the caller wants it to be known. One of the primary reasons the University engaged the third party vendor in 2005 was to facilitate anonymous reports.

How does the Hotline process work?

You may call the toll-free number, (800) 763-0764 , or submit an online report. All information goes through an external company, The Network. It transfers all submitted reports to the Internal Audit Office, which decides how to investigate the report. At the conclusion of your submission, you will receive a confirmation number which will allow you to check the status of your report and allow Michigan State administrators to seek clarification or request additional information. Requests for clarification and additional information are routed through the third party vendor to preserve your anonymity if you have selected that option.

What does Michigan State University do once it receives a report from the Hotline?

A limited number of individuals at MSU have access to the reports. The Director of Internal Audit is one of the recipients. All reports are treated confidentially, as are all investigations to determine the facts related to the allegations. The third party vendor has reporting mechanisms which give both you and MSU opportunities to seek or provide additional information related to your report.

How is the Hotline managed?

The Network, an external company with experience in the management of university hotlines, receives all submitted reports. The Network’s responsibility is to provide the reports to MSU in a timely manner. The University’s Internal Audit Office coordinates investigations and is the case manager for recording information related to the report in The Network system.

What legal protection is there to protect my identity?

The University prohibits retaliation against individuals who make reports in good faith of known or suspected misconduct.

How long will the investigation take?

The length of the investigation depends upon many factors, such as the complexity of the issue, the number of people involved, the nature and extent of documents or other evidence involved, and the urgency of the matter. There will be a generic statement in the reporting system once the investigation of the report is completed and closed. You can use the confirmation number you receive when you file your report to follow up on the status of your report.

Can employees or volunteers report suspected child abuse, sexual assault, or child pornography to the Misconduct Hotline?

While the Hotline will accept all reports of misconduct, employees and volunteers are required to follow the Reporting Protocols: Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, and Child Pornography.  The reporting protocols are avialable at the Human Resources website Links to a comprehensive FAQ document about the protocols and a Child Maltreatment Resource Guide are included in the protocol document.

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